February 2020

Nuclear Weapons 720 - Fears Of Iranian Nuclear Program Might Result In Nuclear Proliferation In The Middle East - Part 2 of 2 Part.

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Part 2 of 2 Parts (Please read Part 1 first)
     On a positive note, it is unlikely that Egypt and the United Arab Emirates will try to develop their own nuclear weapons. Egypt considered a nuclear weapons program under President Gamal Abdel Nasser but rejected it. Since Nasser, Egyptian presidents have made nuclear disarmament a basic part of their foreign policy.

Voting For Our Lives

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At this point, I've acknowledged that Trump's policies that hurt us, that hurt every aspect of my kid's life, matter less to many of my loved ones than their own racism. That's it. That's what it all comes down to, and I feel rather helpless, as I know many people do. We've done the talking, we've done the sharing of information, and it just. Doesn't. Matter. They're still scared of all of the "thems" coming to steal their jobs. It blows my mind that that's what they think at all, let alone against challenges like global warming at our door.

Nuclear Weapons 718 - Even A Limited Nuclear Exchange Would Have A Major Impact On The Oceans And Marine Life

     I have blogged before about the idea of nuclear winter. If there is a nuclear conflict in which at least a hundred nuclear warheads are detonated, the soot, soil and smoke thrown into the atmosphere would shut out sunlight for years and crop failures would kill billions that survived the actual conflict. Now scientists are studying what effect a nuclear war might have on the world’s oceans.