February 2020

The Best Sugar-Free Vodkas

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Some of the biggest drinking trends right now include sugar-free and alcohol-free drinks, and one of my favorites of the former is sugar-free vodka. I can actually replace my favorite simple vodka and pineapple juice with a sugar-free vodka and sugar-free pineapple syrup! It's a pretty awesome trend.

Smirnoff Zero is obviously a good choice that many people like, and they have all kinds of infusions, from watermelon and mint to cucumber and lime. Devotion has a sugar-free and gluten-free vodka, and KEEL and Ketel One Botanical have lighter options as well.

Board Games Of The Past

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Many of us are focused on new and upcoming games most of the time, but what about ancient games that led to the development of today's favorites? Maybe you've heard of ancient games like Senet, but what about Ludus Latrunculorum, or Game of Mercenaries? Strategic board games definitely aren't something new!

PAWS Cat City

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Are you looking for an animal friend for life from a shelter that doesn't euthenize pets? If so, you may want to check out PAWS Cat City and Companion Animal Shelter, where you can not only get help in finding a pet, but also get help in rehabilitating a pet's negative behaviors to keep the pet in your home. 

PAWS offers many different services, from spaying and neutering to assistance with finding the specific type of pet you want. They also help people find lost pets.

Nic Bishop's Frogs

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I ran across a wonderful little book explaining all about frogs from Scholastic. It's called Frogs, and it's written by Nic Bishop. It's full of beautiful colors, frog facts and lots of interesting information to teach kids all about your favorite amphibians!

If Badgers And Coyotes Can Do It...

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The Internet is going wild over this video of a coyote and badger playing and hunting together. Plenty of animals have symbiotic relationships, but this is inter-species cooperation and even companionship at a weird and wonderful level. Experts have known about this relationship for a long time, as the species are known to hunt together, but it's caught a lot of us by surprise.

Women May Not Run the World, But They Sure Run Finland

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Is anyone else just. So. Tired. Of hearing how "unelectable" Elizabeth Warren and other women are? I'm also pretty sick of hearing liberals be so picky about their candidates. "Well he did this bad thing one time!" O... M... G. Do you know how picky conservatives are? They AREN'T. At all. Just look at the bar they've set with this one. We can't win by demanding our candidate is all-natural-organic-GMO free, people.

100 Albums Chartered For The Grateful Dead

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While the Grateful Dead has always had a huge fan following, they've never been the biggest chart toppers, which really doesn't always matter. They have, however, hit a big milestone: Dave's Picks Vol. 33: Evans Field House, N. Illinois University, Dekalb, IL just made the band reach their 100th chartered album!

This is a big milestone for the band and Jerry Garcia would no doubt be pleased to hear the news. Fans remain dedicated all these years later and likely will for many years to come.

Nuclear Reactors 752 - U.S. President Budget For 2021 Asks For 150 Million Dollars To Start A Uranium Reserve

    The Trump administration has requested one and a half billion dollars over ten years to create a new national stockpile of U.S.-mined uranium. The budget request was revealed on February 10th of this year in the Administration 2021 budget which asks for one hundred and fifty million dollars. The administration says that supporting U.S.