November 2019

Cat Lovers Store

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Cat lovers, I just stumbled upon a cat superstore that offers every cat goody under the sun. It's the purrfect place to find gifts for all of your cat-loving friends for the holidays, and the shipping rates look great. It's called eCatShop and they carry everything from car accessories to cat toys, phone accessories and even apparel. 

Nuclear Reactors 733 - Purdue University Is Researching Cybersecurity For Digital Upgrades To Nuclear Power Reactors Safety Systems - Part 3 of 4 Parts

Part 3 of 4 Parts (Please read Part 1 and Part 2 first)
     The NEI petition goes on to say that such a narrowing of NRC cybersecurity regulations would result in a substantial reduction in burden for nuclear plant operators’ employment of digital equipment. At the same time, it would ensure adequate protection against cyberattacks.

Nuclear Reactors 731 - Purdue University Is Researching Cybersecurity For Digital Upgrades To Nuclear Power Reactors Safety Systems - Part 1 of 4 Parts

Part 1 of 4 Parts
        My last two posts concerned protecting the physical safety of nuclear power plants in the U.S. Those posts highlighted the danger of drone attacks which critics say are not getting enough attention. However, there are other areas of vulnerability such as possible cyber-attacks.

The Milkman Returneth

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I can say "Those Millennials!" because I am one, but I do think every time something is blamed on us, it's often inaccurate (we're not teenagers; you're thinking of Gen Z), or it's actually positive. I think it's great that we support mom and pop businesses and we have libraries making a comeback. I also think it's fantastic that we're putting the milkman back in business, according to this article.

Cats Vs. Boxes

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If you've ever spent any time around cats in boxes, you know how adorable they are, and it's one of the most fun things you'll ever get to witness. At my house, we often just put boxes or paper bags out for the cats to run into, slide around and jump in and out of. There is a cat in a box behind me this very moment. The box was supposed to be for books I'm getting rid of, but NOPE, now it is CAT BOX.

Pondering Poe

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Last week we talked a bit about Sylvia Plath, so I thought I'd bring up Poe. It feels like a good time of year to talk Poe, right? Dark and brooding, his stuff is a lot like November, and I'm such a sucker for it that I have a raven tattoo on my wrist. That said, he married his teen cousin, which is really hard to get past today.

AI Is Getting Freakier Than Ever

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Today I read that AI can now create a playlist for you that changes with your mood. You might think that sounds more nefarious than it is, since researchers just want your music to be able to pick you up after a long day. No. This is not something positive. I don't want a machine to know when I'm upset. I don't want a machine to "know" at all, yet that's the route we're traveling!

From Meds To Illegal Substances

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You are probably well aware that cocaine used to be utilized as a medicine, but did you know that quaaludes and chloroform were also considered medicines at some point in history? It's amazing what we've used, believing it to be good for us, and what we've outlawed as "bad." People like to argue that the government merely outlaws what it can't tax, but if that were true, all community and personal gardens wouldn't be allowed (yikes, don't say that aloud!).

Cocktails Of November

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Now that October is gone, many people might consider it the end of pumpkin spice everything, but not so! Pumpkins are still very much in season and perfect for all of our drinking needs, and if you don't believe me, grab a pumpkin spice cold brew coffee, mix in a bit of bourbon and enjoy!


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If you're playing games with kids and you like your trivia on the light side, Reveal is the next game you should try during family game night. The game has a board to travel around and you have to identify pop culture stuff (movies, songs and so forth) based on the letters given rather than traditional trivia knowledge. You collect tokens to win. It's a really simple game that's easy to set up and play, and anyone over the age of 8 can play it.

No Frogs As Gifts... Without Research

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Every holiday season, there's an inevitable spread of articles and advice about pet adoption--even when it comes to frogs. "Don't get an animal as a gift!" we're all warned, and it's actually really good advice if you're thinking of getting a pet for a child or someone who isn't very knowledgeable about frogs. That said, if your frog lover has done their work and really knows how to care for a pet, and you are sure they're capable, it's really not that big of a deal to get them the frog as a gift.