November 2019

Nuclear Weapons 707 - New Chinese Missile - Part 2 of 2 Parts

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CJ-10 cruise missile:

Part 2 of 2 Parts (Please read Part 2 first)
     Another possible explanation for the H-6N modifications was published in the South China Morning Post. That article speculated that the H-6N would be capable of carrying the new big supersonic semi-autonomous drones that were also shown during the National Day parades.

Tom And Jerry

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It's so fun to learn about different state drinks, especially when it's something you've never heard of before. From coffee cabinets to sugar on snow, I love to learn about and try to replicate treats and drinks I hear about in different states. In Wisconsin, there's a fun winter drink called Tom and Jerry, and it's something I'm adding to my list!

The Orangutans Speak

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Back in my choir days, I remember our teacher stressing how humming wasn't a tight-lipped, harsh effect, like the sounds you make to annoy a sibling, but a light vibration against lightly-closed lips that almost tickles. The distinction was amazing, and it helps me to understand why researchers might use kazoos to understand how communication has evolved between species over the years. 

Healing a Broken Heart

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When I first learned that aspirin was good for other health needs than pain, I was astounded. It's obvious to older people who've used it for years, but I had only known it as a headache medicine. Now marketers may be selling Tylenol under a new purpose: easing actual heartache. Research indicates that it may actually help relieve pain of an emotional nature.

Facebook Allows Lies About Women's Health

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Facebook's pledge to do more about the spread of misinformation on its site has been a joke, but I can hardly blame them. Is it really their job to stop people from being gullible and fact-checking things before they believe and share them? As much as I hate that the social network has become so integrated into our world and is the home of much information (not to mention hatred), I also have to say that we're responsible for believing in what we choose to believe.

Pumpkin Spice Cocktails

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If you haven't heard, it's the last week for Starbucks' famous Pumpkin Spice Latte, so get yours while it's still here! In the meantime, you can always make a PSL at home, especially if you have a Skinny Girl mix on hand. I love these syrups and often suggest them to friends (I'm drinking one in my coffee right now), and their website has a bunch of great recipes you can make with them, too.

Authors on Poetry

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The Atlantic has been showcasing different authors and their favorite passages found in literature, highlighting many different points of view and moving, and even funny, pieces we can all enjoy. Jami Attenberg not only shared a poem with the series, but a poem about how important isolation can be when it comes to writing.